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PPE WHOLESALE Pro-Active Care Genetic testing helps physicians determine genetic predispositions in humans. These test can bring awareness to your risk factors allow you and your doctors to take a proactive, rather than reactive approach to managing your inherent health risks. Our Test arrow_right Opening Times Mo. - Thu.: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Fri.: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm 3122222222 Contact us Medicare Health Center
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Emergency Hotline In case of a medical emergency, please dial this number immediately: 911

Slide Welcome to Medicare Why Visit us? A more Personalized Health Care We assist is providing physicians and medical practitioners with the opportunity to offer personalized medicine through patient genetic profiling to ensure that only the right medications and methods are applied per given circumstance. check_circle Know if you have a hire risk of cancer check_circle Know if a particuliar drug is right for your genetic makeup check_circle Know these things earlier then later or even late check_circle Be pro-active and accurate with health risk management. Be in the knowarrow_right

We Take Better Care Of Your Needs Knowledge, in general is powerful. Knowledge regarding your genetic make-up is revolutionary. Our Services arrow_right Helping doctors save lives Early detection and treatment can be life saver especially with cancer. Appropriate Drugs Predict which medications are most likely to work best for you personally, and which ones could hurt you with an adverse reaction Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) protects Americans against discrimination based on their genetic information when it comes to health insurance and employment. This bill was passed in 2008 and under the law, employers and health insurance companies can not request genetic test results and discriminate based upon them. FDA Approved Test Yes these test are FDA approved. Cost may be covered out of pocket, through private insurance, or Medicare. Medicare being a government program, will not pay for genomic and molecular cancer tests that have not yet been approved by the FDA.

Slide We Provide All Genetic screening We offer comprehensive solutions to all of your Genetic screening needs with a focus on Cancer and Pharmacogenetic screenings. CGX If you've had cancer or family history of cancer, CANCER GENOMICS (CGX) TESTING is a hereditary cancer screening that can assist you and your doctor with early detection and treatment. PGX If you take prescription drugs. PHARMACOGENOMICS (PGX) TESTING testing provides your physician a treatment based on the genetic traits present in your DNA. This information can be used to predict whether a drug or drug dose is likely to be effective and identify patients at risk of serious or intolerable side-effects. Carrier Screening If you pregnant and would like to test for chances of mutations and problems with pregnancy. Carrier Screening assists in the evaluation of risk of a child inheriting certain genetic disorders. Make an Appointment arrow_right

Slide Your Professionals We have Laboratory Partners For All Specializations we are a company focused on providing you and your physicians accurate and complete test results based on your unique set of circumstances. Credible Labs Certificated and Specialized We challenge ourselves every day to ensure we partner with the best laboratories. Our partners are not satisfied with just maintaining the required CLIA certification, but also participate in the COLA and CAP certification programs. Our Team Culture of unity We are is proud of its cohesive team. Each member is valued and brings amazing talent and dedication every day to ensure only the best performance and outcomes. Our team provides excellent customer service to clinicians and their staff delivering consistent one-on-one support. Service & Choice Full spectrum of genetic test We Laboratories prides itself on providing industry leading service and a full menu of products to choose from…Pharmacogenomics, Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment, Carrier Screening, Respiratory Pathogen Panel, Molecular Urinary Tract Infection Panel, and Clinical Diagnostics Toxicology Make an Appointment arrow_right

KNOWLEDGE Is Power Learn about YOUR Risk of Developing Cancer. Molecular testing looks for specific inherited changes (mutations) in a person's genetic make-up. Genetic mutations may have multiple different effects on a person's health. Mutations that are harmful may increase a person's chance or risk of developing a disease such as cancer. Inherited mutations are thought to play a role in 10% of all cancers. These particular conditions are considered hereditary and appropriate genetic testing may be used to determine an individuals's risk. Learn More arrow_right Research Progress Advanced Medication PDF Download CGx PDF Download PGx PHARMACOGENOMICS (PGX) TESTING Pharmacogenomics or PGx is a genetic testing profile which analyzes genetic variations to determine how the body metabolizes many of the most common medications on the market today. PGx profiles in the following areas: Cardiology
Pain Management

Benefits for Physicians, Doctors, and Patients include:
The Right Medication
The Right Dose
The Right Indication
The Right Time
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Pregnancy Planing Know your risk to your baby Carrier testing is a type of genetic testing used to determine if a person is a carrier for a specific autosomal recessive disorder. An autosomal recessive disorder means two copies of an abnormal gene must be present in order for the disease or trait to develop. Our cutting edge technological platform for carrier test provides critical genomic information for parents and physicians to make crucial decisions regarding their personalized healthcare and family plan. Learn More arrow_right A Positive Result What Does it Mean? Having an inherited genetic mutation does not mean that your or you child is sick or will get sick.A positive result simply means that a patient is genetically predisposed to a higher risk of being diagnosed with cancer, children with birth defects or negative reactions to medications than the general population. Having this information in hand, a clinician can be more diligent in the use of screening and detection techniques, with the hope of an earlier detection if cancer were to appear, leading to a more favorable prognosis for the patient. Learn More arrow_right

Slide Why choose Medicare Health Center? We focus on providing physicians accurate and complete test results for their patients based on each individual’s unique set of circumstances. Modern Facilities Our partnered laboratories are coupled with state of the art equipment, and focuses on these main area or. Cancer genetics, pharmaceutics, toxicology and clinical diagnostics. Personalized Medicine PGx testing is one of the leading tools to help your healthcare provider determine the best medication for you which is why it is also commonly referred to as personalized medicine. Devoted to Help Genetic screening isn’t promoted or taken advantage of nearly enough Taking the CGX test allows you and your doctors to be proactive and learn as early as possible what changes need to be made if you are more pre-disposed risk. Medical Professionals Taking advantage of this revolutionary test can save yours and millions of other lives. Providers who encourage patients to take the genetic test are providing a true difference for countless families. Make an Appointment arrow_right

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