connection A personal interaction between one human and another is a powerful thing. Never under estimate the personal connection between two or more people, and the potential effect this can have on your brand’s reputation. connection

value Face to Face Marketing creates dialogue, scalable growth through customer loyalty, and higher sustainability through customer retention. Dialogue loyalty retention

what is a brand troop? A Brand Troop is a highly trained professional that specializes in the direct personal presentation, demonstration, and sale of products and services to businesses and consumers. presentation demonstration sale

who is brand troops inc? Brand Troops Inc is a Chicago based marketing company that boost customer acquisitions with creative face to face marketing solutions. Brand Troops Inc business marketing business development business technology

our mission Our primary mission is to serve as your customer acquisition provider and create the brand awareness necessary to turn listeners into customers. customer acquisitions

what we do Hired by us Report to us Managed by us Sell products or services from other companies We supply complete sales forces to other companies. The reps are hired by us, report to us, are trained by us, and are managed by us but sell products or services from other companies. This branded representation means the customer sees the image of the client rather than Brand Troops Inc. Trained by us

where we work door to door business to business call centers retail shopping centers marketing events Companies can expand their business by using us to build and manage a direct sales force to staff call centers, marketing events, retail kiosks, residential door to door, and business to business sales positions.

our niche industries deregulated energy telecommunications wireless solar insurance Our niche industries.

our technology crm data base managment Automated interactive video sales system. When compliant presentaions are a must e-signature portal online university Business can be easier with us. We can remotely train our agents with our online university, digitally track our agents locations via GPS , their sales via our customizable sales portal and transmit this data via Rest API and spreadsheet software... In real you focus on growing your business.

our reach We’re Scalable …anywhere in the world with as many sales agents as you need. national & international reach

clients Here are a few of the top brands that we market with Brand Troops